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Like many working mothers out there, I sometimes cut corners when it comes to my appearance.  In an effort to multi-task, rush from activity to activity or get an extra 2 minutes of sleep, I’ll go about without make-up, ignore the wrinkles on my shirts, or succumb to wearing jeans versus trousers.

There are those times, however, when I reflect on my lack of effort and think that I’m projecting a less than powerful figure.  In some ways my relaxed attire shows others that I’m a relaxed gal, which isn’t the worst thing given how intense I can be.  Nevertheless there is a sense of pride one feels when s/he is dressed to the nines.  Of course the clothes can’t “wear” us. We must feel at ease in our duds to truly present a confident image.

To compel me further to place more attention on my appearance is this awesome advertisement by Guinness called The Sapeurs.   The Sapeurs are part of the Society of Elegant Persons of the Congo.    They are blue-collar workers who put great effort into looking ,not just nice, but smashing.  While they “may not choose what they do, they can choose who they are”, one member states in the ad.  Dressing up isn’t just a fun past time, it a way to elevate their souls.  They “believe in the uplifting, redeeming, beautifying effect of dressing well.” according to this Ad Week article.  The Guinness ad gives us a glimpse of these admirable men and encourages us to watch the documentary about this group.

I was also intrigued by this story because it featured men, not women.  We tend to think clothing and caring for our appearance is of interest primarily to women.  Well, think again.

While sprucing up a bit lets others know we care, it also makes ourselves know we care.  And that’s the most important.  I may not ever be as elegant as the Sapeurs, no matter how often I iron my outfits.  But I certainly  hope that  by putting more effort into how I look I can project even just a smidgen of their confidence, boldness and aliveness.

Looking forward to dressing  up for work this week 🙂


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