At my husband’s cousin’s place a few weeks ago, I spied Kris Carr’s book: Crazy Sexy Diet sitting by its lonesome.  Always eager to see what the latest health craze is, I grabbed it.  My cousin let me take it home, and that’s what I did.
The book, like so many other vegan bibles of its kind, advocates for clean living, meditation, and lots and lots of juicing.  While I never dive in fully to any one of the regimens, I do tend to pick up a habit or two. For example, after reading Skinny Bitch I said goodbye forever to meat and foul. (While I was nearly out the door on flesh for a while, this book’s queasy-inducing descriptions of slaughter houses shut the door behind me.)
Given my mostly vegetarian eating habits, this book didn’t demand too much of me.  But, it did influence me to do 2 things differently: give up dairy and start juicing.
The book utterly turned me off of milk thanks to the deeesguusting descriptions of the whole milking industry.  Plus, the seeming connection between milk and cellulite helped too :).
Why juicing? I was intrigued by the health benefits of all the vitamins and minerals. And it helped that my friend swore by it claiming her skin looked soooo much better when she juiced (notice the past tense, “juiced”? She loves it but doesn’t do it any longer….hmmm)  Added benefit?  My office has a juicer!
When it comes to dairy, I’m not a cheese or ice cream lover so giving those up wasn’t horrendous. But I realized that my milk intake isn’t as small as I imagined.  I drink milk in my coffee, put it in my cereal and enjoy it in my chocolate.  Plus, I’ve turned into a canned whipped cream fan (I know, I know, how much more processed can I get? :))
So, I started switching over to soy milk.  While almond milk has its benefits, it’s too nutty for me.  I kind of like soy milk but even that has its down sides  — lots of added sugar, oy!
I also, picked up juicing.  I’m not talking about sweet, pretty fruit juices. No way — full of sugar.  I’m talking about the dark green and brownish type of juices — hard-core!  Despite my somewhat healthy eating, I never, ever was attracted to veg juicing.  Yuck!  But now I was determined.
I’m happy to say the juices aren’t so bad!  Plus, I feel a bit righteous downing one (or two) of those babies.  And when I add wheat grass to it, I feel even better.
But will this shift really make a difference?  Not sure.
Plus, I’m not a total convert — I still have some of that whipped cream 🙂  I’ll check back in after a few months and let you all know.
For the time being, I feel like I’m doing something to help myself and maybe that’s all the added benefit I need 🙂

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