I finally had my big pitch meeting on Friday.  I think it went well … fingers crossed.
On the plane ride home from the meeting, I felt the stress from the last few months of hellish working starting to dissipate.  And within a few minutes, I started planning my next project: beautification.
You see, when I’m in “pitch mode” my beauty treatments, fashion concerns and weight management tend to get pushed off …way off.  So I made a pact with myself: starting Saturday, I’m going to kick-start my emotional and physical rituals of self-care.
But I’m not necessarily trying to go back to the way I looked before.  I really need to change the way I look and feel.  Towards the end of this period, for instance, I was able to sneak in a haircut.  I didn’t ask for a shorter version of what I had.  Instead I wanted — no, I needed — something different.  I had to reflect that I had positively changed, i.e., learned and grew, from these past few months to justify all the hard work.
That’s the power of lipstick, a new pair of boots, or more toned biceps.  They can, if approached with the right mind-set, be small but amazing reflections of bigger changes in our lives.
Coincidentally, I read an article in this month’s More magazine about this very topic, “Declaration of Reinvention.”  But the story took my observation a step further.  Not only do new colors or styles mark a change, but they may even encourage further change, even motivate us to take more risk in our lives. Here’s a great quote:
“As anyone who has ever tried on a bolder lipstick or a totally ‘It’s not me’ blouse has been surprised by her own image in the mirror, the reward is a frisson of pleasure and self-discovery.  ‘You gain self-confidence when you take a risk,’ says Foltyn (prof of sociology at National University at La Jolla, California).  ‘It may even help you make other changes in your life.’  In other words: Who knows where a lipstick may lead.”
How cool is that! NARS counter here I come …

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