This past Friday I had a really fun day.  My in-laws were staying with us in Chatham so I decided to prepare some nice dishes. I started out my adventure at Chatham Natural Market to pick up some organic, fresh ingredients.  I LOOOOVVEE this store.  While the prices are hard to swallow (ha ha), I relish being surrounded by open bins of lentils, nuts, spices and grains that you can pour, weigh and label yourself.  And I’m not really sure why.  I perused the refrigerated counter and picked up some vegan, macrobiotic dishes that I had been eyeing the past few times I had been in the store.

The meal was a success for the most part.  While I enjoyed them, the macrobiotic nuggets didn’t go over super well.  But they were a source of conversation.  “What is a macrobiotic diet anyway?” we all wondered.  It turns out the diet emphasizes vegetarianism but you can eat some fish (for more see”Macrobiotoc diet“).  But what I found most interesting is how the diet helps people develop a “sensitivity and an intuitive sense for what sustains health and well-being.”

Could this explain why I’m so happy to be surrounded by bins of unpackaged grains and nuts?  Do I have an intuitive sense of what my body needs?  Of course I don’t necessarily abide by my intuition, as evidenced by my candy-laden dessert last night (we all have to live a little, right?)  But it is kind of cool that somehow our brains and bodies are wired to know what we need to eat to feel good, and some happiness hormone hits us when we’re surrounded by such foods.

Needless to say, I’m going back to the market for some more goodies.  The macrobiotic dishes may not make their way home again but I’ll find a something else to make for the kids that direct me back to this little spot of happiness.

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