Just when I thought I have enough stress finding an outfit for the big stage next month, now I have to add another factor: the video camera.
You see, part of the reason I’m trying to get on these big stages is that the folks holding the conferences in which I speak ALSO video tape the talks and post the clips.  While I may sound like a publicity hog, I’m urged to do these video talks because it’s a great way to scale my presentations without having to do them again, and again.
But these clips raise a who slew of issues.  Not only do I need to look fab on stage (smart, cool, fashion-forward but not trying too hard ;)), but I have to make sure it translates well to video, i.e., not too distracting, not overly complicated and layer-y (that adds major poundage) and doesn’t blend with the background! And of course, since I’m going to be seen from far and wide (we hope!) I have to look FANTASTIC.
Now, you’d think: “ah ha, here is my opportunity to buy a mega expensive outfit”, right?  Such outfits should be highly fashionable and well-tailored.  Most of all, they’ll get major mileage.  See the Narcisco Rodriguez I tried on above.
Buuuutt, because so many people will see the outfit on the video clip, I can’t possibly wear it again, right!?  So now I have to find pieces that look awesome both on and off camera, and purchase enough of them that I can wear them for all the various stages I hope to command.
Ok, Ok, “cry me a river” you’re probably saying sarcastically.  It’s not the biggest dilemma in the world. And, let’s face it, it’s a fun one. Yet, I’m desperate!
Anyone has any good suggestions, throw them my way in the next two weeks, I’ll be forever grateful!

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