Thanks to a few work-related projects over the past months, I’ve been learning about and incorporating healthier approaches to the food I eat.  I’ve always been a bit concerned with staying fit and looking good but not that aware of EXACTLY what I’m putting in my body.

It’s starting to change, little by little.  One of the first steps I’m considering is going organic.  So when I saw a sign for a farmer’s market close to our vacation home in Chatham, I told my husband to stop the car and jumped out to kick-start my healthier eating plan.

Big disappointment.

It was a pretty dinky market and most of the food was prepared bread and pastries.  I don’t care what goes in to fattening food, its still fattening!  Towards the back was a farmer or two selling some veggies (“some” being the operative word here — a few tomatoes, some squash, herbs and berries).  But I took a deep breath and started the selection process.  When I heard the tomatoes were going for something $5 for 2, and the squash, while massive, were also SOOOO expensive, I couldn’t quite muster the courage to plunk down so much cash.

What does this have to do with skin?  Well, as I turned my back on the luxurious veggies, I saw, no, smelled, an amazing array of organic skin products.  (See pic above)  I couldn’t resist!  The combo of scent, feel, ingredients, benefits, colors, just sucked me in.  I could envision my bathroom turning into a spa and my body looking, smelling and feeling sensual, beautiful and sexy.

Did it matter that the ingredients were natural?  Sure.  As the brand behind these amazing products, Pure Goodness, explains: “Your skin is the largest organ in your body.  Nourish it with what it really needs…all natural, wholesome ingredients.”  That makes a ton of sense and falls in line with all the healthy eating that I’m trying to do, i.e., only put healthy stuff in and on my body.

But that’s not the reason I’m so attracted to the natural story.  When I take in the natural scents and colors and imagine the natural ingredients nourishing my skin I’m transported to another era and place where our bodies aren’t deemed as functional as they are today here in Western society.   A place where sensuality is praised and our bodies are truly loved and admired.

I’m waiting to unwrap my gifts until I return home.  I’m sure I’ll be happy to know that I’m putting healthy stuff on my skin, but what really gets me going is the knowledge that I’ll be transformed into a skin goddess!

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