We all know that what makes someone beautiful isn’t just the obvious physical features.  Why does Bill Clinton draw the world toward him?  It’s not because of his sexy bod.  It’s because he has major charisma, gravitas and a certain je ne sais quoi.

I’m on a new mission: to up my attractiveness, strengthen my ability to fascinate and deepen my talent to enthrall — whether I’m in front of an audience of 500 or 5 people.  Lucky for me, I work at a place that is willing to invest in my new mission.

Starting next month, I’m going participate in extensive training with TAI Group, a group of actors who teach the rest of us how to connect.  Awesome, no?   For my first session I have to memorize monologues, yikes!

Meanwhile, a friend of mine clued me into Sally Hoghead’s Fascinate, a book that teaches us how to persuade and captivate.  Can’t wait to read.

I truly believe this process will be life altering.

I’ll be sure to let you in on this journey along the way.

Go “Mission Facinate!”


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