In my quest to find something really insightful for a big presentation I’m writing, my amazing colleague, Marie, directed me to a little YouTube video of the famous Cindy Gallop (well, famous in the ad world anyway) presenting something interesting.  While her points got some head nods from me, what truly strucked me was how she dresses.
Cindy is easily in her early to mid 50’s and a bit chunky.  But every presentation I see her in, she’s wearing a hot — not trampy but certainly sexy — outfit.  It’s evident her clothing is well made and probably expensive but some may say that it’s still pretty dramatic and suggestive.
The how-to-dress shows and articles tend to push older women into more “age appropriate” attire.  But what does that really mean?  Are all women over the age of 45 supposed to look like nuns?  I agree that wearing skimpy outfits from Express or Forever 21 may not be the most flattering, but I don’t believe women must divorce themselves from sexy clothing altogether!  I know, I know, people say covering up or sensual fabrics can be sexy too (silk muumuus anyone?)
Sure.  But what about really well-made, tight sequined pants and leather bustiers as well?
I say go for it. I certainly don’t want to have to wear “old lady sexy” clothes because that’s the appropriate thing to do.  Go Cindy!

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