Friendship and Beauty

I was in the UK this week for work.  Not only did I meet many amazing colleagues but I also got to spend time with some of my dearest friends who now live there.  Every night I was lucky enough to eat dinner with the same friend.  She is an extremely successful lawyer and a “woman of the world.”  So, of course, we discussed our jobs and all the new things we were learning.  She had just broken up with her boyfriend of four years and so we definitely spent hours lamenting that too.  He could have been the “one” we all thought.
But the conversations were interspersed (and I mean literally interrupting each other) with fun discussions around our shoes, make-up and haircuts.  While those conversations were a bit lighter than the others, they were still important to us and undoubtedly bonded us even more.
Were those beauty conversations just a form of comic relief?  I don’t think so.
You see, we are all so ambitious when it comes to our jobs or with our family lives, that we can feel so future oriented and overwhelmed by our plans.  But discussions about our favorite eyeshadow or the great camel colored boots we found, remind us that we are still physical beings, living in the here and now.
In essence, they ground us.
As it turns out those conversations — the serious “life” ones and the beauty ones – had an impact.  Not only did we catch up on our lives and offered each other good advice, but my friend got an awesome new haircut before our last dinner together.  It definitely refreshed her look, and I think her spirits too.

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