I presented last week at Yale Business school’s Center for Consumer Insights.  While I didn’t speak on a massive stage, I was still being filmed.  This meant I could start to apply some of my new-found knowledge on how to look camera-ready.
I haven’t had a chance yet to buy all the make-up and clothing to make me look camera-perfect, but at least I had a few pointers thanks to my session last week.
As you know, the folks from the Guide to Style, Alicia Monica and Christopher Johnstone, were over me casa a week ago to begin my on-camera training.  Alicia gave me a make-up tutorial and picked out the little make-up I had that could substitute for the real thing in the meantime.  She also gave me some guidelines around necklines, colors and types of looks I should adopt.  I picked out a pair of black satin, loose Jodhpur-style pants, and a cream silk sleeveless blouse for the talk.  I exchanged my usual silver jewelry for gold, and slipped on some black high-heeled sling backs. (See bad pic above.  It was taken hours after the presentation by a crappy phone camera but you get the idea)
Did I look amazing?  Not quite.  But I felt great on stage knowing that I look that much better than I did in the last video in which I’m dressed all in black, with little make-up and a high collar and scarf around my neck — ugh!
I can’t wait for some actual on-camera training and shopping.  Given all of our crazy travel schedules, it may not happen for a month or so.  Once this film from Yale is uploaded, I’ll ask you to judge how I look compared to the first one 🙂
Have a great week!

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