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It’s the period of the Jewish New Year.  Despite common belief, the new year isn’t celebrated by just one holiday, Rosh HaShanah.  It includes a series of holidays during which you contemplate the year ahead.
Rest assured, most of my prayers for the coming year include requests for peace, happiness, health, etc.  And you spend hour after hour thinking about being a better person. But an itty bitty part of me was acknowledging that, yep, I’m one year older.
And, frankly, I had to admit that with that understanding, I’m that much more likely to, well, look old.
Best rest assured my fellow ladies and gentlemen.  Why?  Because as I was perusing my guilty pleasure, People Magazine :), I came across a mention of the greatest website — by a man no less!  It’s called:  It celebrates the gorgeous, well-dressed and elegant women past the age of 70 and some even in their 100’s!
The impetus to developing the site was the death of 32-year-old Seth’s beloved grandmothers.  He wanted to honor their elegance and sense of passion so he started this site that shines a bright light on these aging beauties.  About a week ago, he released a documentary film, also named Advanced Style,  highlighting these amazing women.  A definite must-see!
Wow, I blown away.  These ladies are FANTASTIC.  The site points out how creative these beauties are with their hair, accessories and fashions.  Not only did it make me look at so many aging beauties differently, but it also made me want to seek ’em out whenever I walk the streets of NYC.  And, of course, they inspired me!  Like these ladies, there’s no way I’m gonna let it all go when I get older.
Now, if only, I could step it up notch while I’m in my 40’s first!

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