You know those web applications that allows you to “try on” a haircut?  You just upload your face and plop some famous lady’s do over your head?

Well, Stila Cosmetics is doing the equivalent with make-up.  Its called the Virtual Make-Over.

You can try out the tool with a selection of models’ faces.  I picked one that had the closest resemblance to mine, that is the skin type that was as close as possible to mine, and then played around.  It was fun and I couldn’t wait to do the same for myself.

Despite the fact that I take a horrible picture and never quite get the right pose, lighting or angle, I couldn’t help but try out the tool.  After taking about 10 different portraits via my BlackBerry (not quite professional grade gear), I found a passable pic.

I went through the whole registration process, uploaded my pic and began to color my face.

BUT NOTHING HAPPENED!  No color was added.  No shimmer on the cheeks, no liner around the eyes, no concealer on the spots.

I was really disappointed.  Was my pic too fuzzy or off-center?  Maybe it wasn’t perfect but how do they expect us to have model-ready shots anyway?

Oh well.  Try the toy out for yourself before being totally turned off.   If any of you learn the trick to success, drop a comment.

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