Every so often I need a wake up call.  And a story in the September edition of Marie Claire was it.  The story is called “An Affair to Forget.”

The author, Catherine Barnes, writes about how her 18 year marriage fell apart after her loyal, devoted husband scratched his itch for adventure and had an affair.  Barnes and her children followed her husband to Thailand for work.  And even though she received numerous warnings about the prevalence of affairs that occur between foreign men and native women, she never imagined that her husband would stray.  But he did.

Why does this scare me?   Not only do I not live in Thailand but I could NEVER, EVER imagine my husband straying.  His conscience is too strong, his values too deep and frankly, his time too scarce!

What scared me about the story was that the husband saw the affair as a source of excitement that he wasn’t getting at home.  He was bored.

Well,  I can’t promise my husband that I’ll always be a source of endless amusement but I can always try harder to keep him appreciating what he’s got so he doesn’t ever contemplate looking elsewhere.

Every so often I can fall into a rut where I care less about how I look, smell, and feel.  That may be easy for me, but not fair to him (and it goes both ways of course!)

How hard is it any way to put on some mascara on a sunday, wear some scented lotion after a shower, or shave our legs a little more often? It’s not!  Plus, it’s another excuse to do some fun beauty shopping 🙂

Thank you Marie Claire for publishing this piece (and I’m sure my husband thanks you too!)


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