My family and I have begun our yearly vacation in Chatham, MA (Cape Cod).    While the town is as similar to New York as you can get on the Cape, e.g., gourmet coffee shops, nice restaurants, expensive clothing and jewelry shops, it’s still quite different.

It’s always amazing how you can take yourself out of your usual environment and feel totally different.  I frequently remark to myself when I leave my home or office and spend even just a day or two away, how my home life feels so distant.  But how can that I be?  I’m sitting here with my kids around me, wearing my own clothes, working with my own computer and writing posts like I do every day.  And yet, I feel so removed.


Anthropologists write that we need to connect with the physical spaces and places that surround us.  That’s why we care about furnishing our homes or want to know about, and frequent the bars and pubs around the corner.   They call it “place making.”  The physical spaces ground us emotionally.  Perhaps that why we’re so affected by a change a place.  We are literally changed when we find ourselves amongst new surroundings.

And this is the reason we need to invest in the beauty of our neighborhood streets.  A beautiful avenue, neighborhood, office — you get the idea — don’t just announce an appreciation for the aesthetic.  They affect us deeply.

I’ll be sure to share some more of the beauty that surrounds me throughout my stay.

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