Ok, I know it’s not the clearest picture I could have taken (blame that on the iPad) but as you can see I got some make-up on.  I splurged and bought a whole new make-up kit at Barneys.  I spent a luscious hour getting my face made-up by the Beauty Guru, Jason Ascher, and then went all out.

And I didn’t feel one drop of trepidation doing it!

This much-needed, overdue make-over wasn’t just a gift for myself, but a sign of a make-over in my life.  Soon I will be departing, not only my company, but the world of advertising and entering a whole new industry.  So of course I need to refresh my look as a result.  But even more than that, I need to refresh my attitude, my brain and my soul too.  I’ve written about the powerful, transformative effects of make-overs in the past, i.e., that they not only shift our attitudes, but can also propel us to make actual physical/mental changes in our lives (Weekend Observations: Changing Your Lipstick Can Be Pretty Deep), so I decided to see if its true for me too!

What better way to start than my face?  Oh, and my hair is next….

As I strutted along the streets of New York this weekend with my new make-up (though I confess I couldn’t quite replicate the brilliance of the Beauty Guru) I did feel like a new woman.  I can’t wait to see where my next adventure takes me (new look and all!)

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