In my past gig as an ad strategist, I felt uncomfortable endorsing beauty products given my clients were beauty companies.  Now that I have a whole role and clientele, I can shout my opinions from the rooftops!

But, in all honesty, the reason I rarely talked about brands or products in the past was that I wasn’t impressed by any of them (except my Emporio Armani mascara that rocks!)

Until NOW!

A week ago I stayed at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica.  While I judge hotels by their bathrooms and bathroom accoutrements, I never buy any of the lotions and postions they sell.  In fact, I usually balk at the notion that anybody would by hotel-branded products.   When I checked in at the hotel there was a display of different lotions and fragrances, and since I just had come from a smelly plane, I decided to try some.

I was floored by one in particular: Kai by Gaye Straza.  It smelled FANTASTIC!  I was transported.  It had this amazing lilac scent that I couldn’t get over.  Sure the hotel’s ambiance helped change my mood too, but the lotion was the key driver.

From then on, every time I walked by the receptionist, I took a squirt of the lotion.  And then when it came time to leave (at the horrible hour of 4 AM), I actually decided to purchase the over-priced, hotel lotion!  After 10 minutes of searching for it in the back (clearly I’m the only sucker out there that actually buys the stuff), the receptionist found it.  As I handed over my credit card, I realized, “shoot, it’s 8 oz, I can’t take it on the plane with me!”  So I abandoned it.

But the scent and the memory of the lotion lingered with me.  I loved it so much that as soon as I came home I went online and bought it.  And when it arrived at my home a few days ago, I opened up the bottle, took one whiff and was, once again, transported back to that great feeling.  I felt feminine, beautiful and light.  It was SO worth it.

But I didnt stop there! I raved so much about it that my mother is buying a few other Kai products to accompany my lonely lotion as a birthday present.  Yippee!


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