This is me dressed up for the Jewish holiday of Purim, during which we wear costumes, eat cookies shaped like triangle hats and drink lots of booze.  Sounds like fun, no?
Most importantly we read the Book of Esther.  Esther was a beautiful brave Jewish woman who lived during the 5th century BCE and who risked her life to save the Jewish people from extermination.  Esther was uniquely poised for this role because she was the wife of the ruler of the land, King Ahasuerus.  How does a Jewess become queen?  Well, in his drunken stupor, the King asked his first wife to prance naked around his friends.  She refused and he removed her from her throne.  So he spent the year searching for the most beautiful women to marry in her place.  Esther’s uncle, Mordechai, convinced her to enter the “race” for queen but keep her Jewish identity a secret.
Esther’s beauty overwhelmed the King.  He fell in love with her and married her.  Meanwhile, the King’s top advisor, Haman, had a major beef with the Jewish people and got approval from the King to massacre the entire nation.
This is where Esther’s courage, strategic thinking, and beauty played a huge role.  As Haman was preparing the troops to kill Jews, Esther was strategizing not only how to inform the King of her heritage, but how to convince him to challenge Haman and rescind the massacre.  It was a heavily calculated process.  But in the end, Esther successfully appealed to the King to foil the extermination plot, kill Haman and even elect her uncle to be his prime minster!  Talk about a smooth operator.
While this story is interesting on so many levels, one thing that stands out for me is how Esther used ALL her resources: brains, bravery AND beauty to change history. All of these attributes were necessary and all should be celebrated.
Now, what did ya think of me in the wig????

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