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As someone who works in the digital field, while also dabbling in the world of beauty, I’m always psyched when I see the marriage of both.
Meet My Modern Met.  I found it by accident when thumbing through Flipboard.  I’ve been separated from Flipboard for a while as my kids’ have adopted the iPad as their own.  But this Sunday, when the kids, thankfully, were doing something other than watching movies or music videos, or playing fantasy football on the tablet, I was able to reunite with Flipboard.  And I immediately encountered My Modern Met.  The description expressed on the blog’s site is: “My Modern Metropolis is where art enthusiasts and trendspotters connect over creative ideas.”
Instead of focusing on gadgetry, or the latest and greatest upgrades, this online pub shares the amazing beauty that technology offers.  Some examples: GIFS of a captivating Light and Movement Performance; or More Hidden Street Art on Railings; Expressive Digital Illustrations that Tell Surreal Stories (see above).
I urge you to indulge 🙂

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