Whenever I read in some magazine or blog, “I like to look good for myself” or “I don’t subscribe to one look or another, I don’t care what anyone else thinks” I have to call “bullshit.”

OK, maybe not all of us are slaves to trends or others’ views of us, but if any of you have taken a social science course in college, you’d know that we’re ALL a product of the surroundings/culture in which we were raised, including how we think; our perceptions of right and wrong; our beliefs, and, yes, even our notions of beauty.  When we get up in the morning, get dressed, primp ourselves and spritz some scent on our skin, we’re subscribing to some socially accepted views of what it means to look right for the world outside. We do have the ability to choose one look over another, so, in that sense, we have some agency.

“What’s with the diatribe?”  you may be asking.  Well, the holidays are over and my marathon travels are due to cease soon, which means I’m about to return to some sense of normalcy.  And that means it’s time to get back into “fighting shape.”  For me, “fighting shape” translates to being a good 10 lbs less.

Interestingly, though, my husband kind of likes my body the way it is.  With extra pounds I have a bigger booty and boobs (along with cellulite and a muffin top, but he chooses to ignore those 🙂 ).  He doesn’t mind me a bit thinner but can’t stand the “Madonna look” i.e. scrawny and overly muscular — a look common with 40+ how-powered, intense NYC women.

I, however, think I look better thinner.  My clothes drape nicely, my face looks more structured, and my legs look more defined.  Also, I can admit it, I’m a product of our “thin-is-in” culture.   Sure, I could say, “who cares what anyone else thinks, it’s all about what I want.”  But what I want is to appeal to others — my husband and my “world.”

I’m betwixt between.  Perhaps I’ll compromise.  8 lbs instead 10?


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