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I did it.
I went red.
Not brick, not mauve, not cherry.  I went full on RED.  MAC’s Russian Red to be exact.  And the response has been fascinating.
If you recall, I had a “presentation make-over.”  In other words, I worked with a stylist to find me the right make-up for big-stage presentations.  While I bought everything on the carefully drawn list of cosmetics, the one item I shunned away from was the bright lipstick, MAC’s Rebel.
Since I have a few big presentations this week in various cities around the country, I decided to take the plunge and buy it.  But I didn’t stop there.  I  took the opportunity to go all out and take the step that I avoided since my teen years: wearing bright red lipstick.
Why have I stayed away from this feminine, sexy, and powerful color for so long? Maybe I was self-conscious and didn’t want to stand out.  Or maybe I thought my lips were too small and my jaw to big to pull it off. Or maybe I never felt quite grown-up and sophisticated enough.
Actually it was all three.
But at the ripe old age of 41, I have realized it’s time.  If not now then when, right?
So I did it.  I bought Rebel, Russian Red and Cherry lip liner to boot.  And after day 1, I’m happy to say that I’m liking the results.  Sure, I had a few snafus — lip liner not quite outlining my lips properly, and at one point I could have sworn that one side of my lips was brighter than the other — but, all in all, I’m happy.  It definitely brightens up my face and I even think I got a few glances from chaps on the street.  But most of all, I’m psyched that I had the confidence to finally do it, and just say “what the hell.”  What’s more, I had the same feeling I get when wearing high heels: powerful, strong and sharp.
I’m excited to wear red again.  Still a little hesitant on the Rebel color but looking forward to meeting this challenge head on! (Don’t you wish all of our life-long challenges were so fun? :))

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