If you’ve been a follower of Beautyskew for a while, you probably recall that I experienced a transformative experience: my own personal photo shoot.  While a number of the pics from the shoot have made their way into my various social media profiles over the past few months, I haven’t actually done a “big reveal” until now.

Why a photo shoot?  I realized last year that it’s not enough to have great content to share with the world.  I needed to put a “face” to that content.  So some new awesome shots were in order.  But I wasn’t going to rely on my husband or mom for some homey pics.  Nooooo.  I needed to go professional.  And the right “image” was critical too, e.g., not too corporate, but not too coy or cute either.  Luckily, I had a friend of a friend (photographer extraordinaire, Stephen Sullivan) willing to do some for free!

Why has it take me so long to post my pics?  First of all, I took over 1000 shots.  That’s a hellava lot of pics to agonize over.  Second of all, some of the pics weren’t quite appropriate for all eyes (if you catch my drift), though I’ll include some of the less nasty ones anyway … heee, heee.

Finally, SO many of the pics just downright sucked.  I’m not being overly judgmental either.  Sure, I’m going to be more sensitive than anyone to my pics, but still there were a ton of hideous ones.  And these shots aren’t a reflection of my photographer either.  But, as a recent story about photography points out, camera angles can MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. (“The camera does lie: proof that a lens can be the difference between pretty and pretty ugly“)  As the article points out: “Depending on the lens’ focal length, the image will deform and affect how the image looks in photos.”

But as I also learned (and wrote about in another post (Can I Really look Hot In Pictures?), being comfortable or uncomfortable in one’s own skin can change the quality of the shots more than anything.

But, there were still a lot of great shots too.  After becoming more at ease with myself, after my photographer got used to my best angles, and after we figured out the best hairstyles and make-up, we hit our stride.

The following slide show gives you a taste of the absolute horrendous as well as a number of my faves.  The first 5 are the sucky ones, and and the rest are a variety of the goodies (please keep in mind these aren’t adjusted for color/saturation etc, in other words, not photo shopped).




Am I totally satisfied?  Sure, I think there’s some room for improvement.  But at least I have a better sense of what I can do better (e.g., relax), how to use the camera better and how to do my hair and make-up better.  At the very least, I have some instant comic relief. 🙂

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