Imagine this: I’ve traveled all the way across the country only to find out my hotel is in East Bumfuck, Ca, which is FAAAARRRR from the dinner I’m supposed to have that night.  So, I suck it up go an hour out of my way and back, and finally return to my hotel much later than desired.
Why do I care about my lack of beauty sleep?  Well, the following day I needed to be up on stage to present to a new set clients.  And it doesn’t end there. I then needed to zip up to San Fran that eve and fly the next AM to Atlanta only to be fresh and lovely for my NEXT big stage event!
What is truly freaking me out at this point is not so much the lack of sleep I’m going to endure, but that fact that I screwed up my blow out appointment for the following day.  Despite a crazy schedule, I figured out how to get a blow out in Palo Alto (not a straight shot, but the only place I trusted to give me a satisfactory “do”).
Now, you’re probably thinking, what’s the big deal?  It’s going to be a scheduling nightmare anyway.  But, oh, hair — along with the outfit and heels — can make or break a look.  Of course I needed to feel confident about my content.  But as we all know, if I feel I look like shit, I’m SOOO not “on.”
Once I arrived back at my hotel, I noticed my colleagues, whom I had yet to meet in person, sitting at the hotel bar.  I could have slunk towards the hotel elevators and let myself cool off in my room.  Or I could have introduced myself and greased the wheels for the following day.  And that’s what I did.  I came over and said “hi.”  As you can imagine, I was harried, stressed and not super professional given my hair agita.   I could have tried to contain my stress and show how smooth and under control I am.  After all, this is these ladies’ first time meeting me in the flesh.  How dare I seem like a spaz, especially over hair!!.
But I didn’t hold back.  I launched way in.  I threw away any semblance of professionalism, and told the ladies about my hair woes.  Rather than reeling back in horror, the ladies jumped right in to help me solve the problem.  And, even after we figured the hair situation out, we continued to share stories about our love of blow outs.  And what’s even better?  The following day, after I killed the presentation, they sent recco’s of blow out places in their home town of Chicago.
No question I may have seemed a bit crazy and frivolous, but I do feel like the beauty talk bonded us.  Sure, I would have seemed more perfect or out of reach had I swooped in looking and acting calm, cool, and collected and looking perfect.  But who likes those people, anyway?  Beauty is a great unifier.  And when others can help their friends look even more beautiful, the bonds among us get that much stronger.

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