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How can we expect to be healthy and fit when healthful food is so damn expensive compared to the crap out there? Weekend Observations: How Economics are Keeping Us Fat

A gynormous naked statue in the middle of a German river Pic of the Week: Ah, I Think Someone is Bathing In Front of Us

Another website encouraging girls to love their bodies and bemoaning the beauty industry.  Great sentiment in many way, but nothing new.   So what’s all the hype for?  Ugh, ANOTHER Anti-Beauty Website, So What’s New?

Summer’s Eve went all out and has developed a campaign that unabashedly celebrates the vagina.  Woo hoo!  Finally, Let’s All Celebrate the Vagina!

More juicy beauty reading that didn’t quite make it into the posts More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Bask in the glory of the weekend (and the vagina!)



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