Though I was in the U.K. this week, a ton happened on Beautyskew.  Take a look below at what we shared:
How do you dress in an office full of young, hipsters when you’re not exactly 25?  Weekend Observations: How Do You Dress at Work When Everyone’s a Good 10 Years Younger?
The beauty of football captured in a new photography book Pic of the Week: Amazing Pic Book of Football Images Through History
Week 7 proves frustrating for Karen, not only with regards to her weight loss process but her career in general, esp since she’s hit the big 35! 30in30 Week 7: Ack!!
Brazilians may be beauty obsessed but its leading to  more physically fit lifestyle.  If Beauty Obsessed Translates to Healthier, Bring On the Mirrors
Feast your eyes on some beauty-in-culture reading we’ve found More the Love: Additions to the Reading List

Enjoy the long weekend! (I know I will 🙂 )

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