One of my stops this week: Los Angeles, CA

Fun and productive week for me.  Despite being on the West Coast, we shared quite a bit @Beautyskew:
Sometimes the tiniest beauty treatments can change an outcome Weekend Observations: Even the Little Things Make a Huge Difference
Wow!  Is this a man or a woman?  Which ever, he looks sensational! Pic of the Week: Wow Andrej Pejic Looks F#$$%%N’ Amazing!
Follow Karen’s journey to get in shape and learn how finding exercise you love can ensure that you keep it up 30in30 Week : Shake That Body
We, women, may be hardwired to be jealous of others’ beauty but, for G-d’s sake, we can control it like every other “natural” but harmful tendency Stop the Nastiness Already, Biology Doesn’t Have to Dictate Our Emotions
Sit back and relax with some great beauty-in-culture reading we found More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Enjoy the weekend!

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