I just came across an article that almost made me hurl.  The story reports that indoor tanning often begins as a mother-daughter activity much like mani-pedis or facials (“Tanning Begins As a Mother-Daughter Activity”.)  Yikes!  Mothers are literally enabling their daughters to get cancer! What’s wrong with these people?!
But then I realized I’m not so innocent myself.
I was at the pool with my kids on Saturday.  Unlike many of the parents sloshing around with their kids, I was sitting on the side in my sweats.  Why didn’t go in to the water?  First and foremost, I HATE cold water and our pool runs on the cold side.  But a close second is that I’m not thrilled about how I look in a bathing suit these days.
So when one of the dads asked why I wasn’t swimming I stupidly but honestly told him “I need to go on a diet first.”  Ugh.  As soon as the words came out I realized how horrible that sounded.  Not only did I seem so vain and insecure, but my daughter was in within earshot.  I don’t want her hearing me talk like that since I know, somehow, someway, it will affect her.
So am I really any different from these well-intentioned but ignorant mothers who take their daughters to tanning beds?  Maybe not.
It’s New Year’s resolution time.  From now on, I will try my hardest not to speak ill of my body in front of ANYONE, especially my daughter.  And if anyone catches me doing it, remind me of the tanning moms out there.  Thanks.

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