The nerds at OKCupid dating website (no disrespect here, they call themselves nerds too) found the keys to success for women (“OKCupid, Math Say Being Ugly Gets You Dates”). Since most guys troll the site first and foremost for looks, they employed a few complicated mathematical formulas to determine who, based on their looks, will get more hits than others.
To boil it all down for a lay person’s brain (that is, mine), here’s what we now know:
1. The more men who say you’re hot, the more messages you get.  Hotness is the best rating you can get.
2. The more men who think you’re cute, the fewer messages you get
3. If you’re not hot, the next best thing is to be considered ugly
This is how they explain it:
The first point makes sense.  Who doesn’t want a hottie?  The second and third points reflect simple game theory.  If a guy is into someone, the fewer potential suitors she may have because she isn’t the hottest lass around means less competition.  But if you’re cute, then guys may think you’re in high enough demand that the competition doesn’t make it worthwhile to fight for you.
Given this insight, the folks at OKCupid have some advice: take whatever aspects of your appearance a lot of guys WON’T like, e.g., tatoos, big noses, chubbiness, and play them up.  Why?  Because enough guys will like them and when they see you’re not getting thousands of hits, they’ll think they’ll actually have a chance at you.
Phew.  Good thing I’m out of the dating world.  For those of you still in it, hope this advice helps!

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