Remember my plastic surgeon?  In the short time I was there the other day, I picked up so many amazing nuggets.  I was waiting for the doctor to see me and “happened” to overhear tidbits of the conversation he was having with the patient next door to me.  It was obviously a follow-up visit because the doctor was appraising his “work” and asking the patient how he was feeling about his new look.  The doctor complimented the patient saying: “You definitely look refreshed now.” He clearly appeared more awake, more lively — like he had a good night sleep.  We heard similar language when we asked women around the country how they define beauty.  Many of them (particularly in NYC, I might add) used words like “awake,” “bright, sparkling eyes” and “not sleepy.
Isn’t it interesting how we define beauty as appearing reinvigorated and alert?  It makes perfect sense, as our culture values progress so highly.  It’s in our national DNA.  And how can we evolve, transform and create, create, create if we’re lethargic?  So, not only must we feel alert, we must look alert too.  But maybe it’s this work ethic that’s making us all feel and look so damn tired?!  If we just kicked back a bit, perhaps we wouldn’t have to pay someone all of our hard-earned money to make us look like we’re ready to take on the world.
Of course, as I’m saying this, I’m the last one in the office!  Oh well …


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