We’ve touched on the subject of beauty in the workplace many times @Beautyskew.  Whether we are recognizing the indisputable power of beauty in terms of hiring and promotions; the ability of beauty to add to one’s confidence, or the discrimination against those people culture deems unattractive; it’s a subject close to our hearts and minds.
The latest article we are citing here (The complexities when women use beauty as a career tactic) touches on another aspect: a generational one.  The story explains that Millennials are so used to using their beauty to “get ahead” in school and life that they use it in the workplace too.  But their use of it, often in sexual ways, can backfire for the obvious reasons.
While I agree that overt use of sexuality doesn’t help anyone in the office, I think we have to distinguish between beauty and sexuality.  Beauty can refer to being well-dressed, well-groomed or even just walking around with a smile on one’s face.  It doesn’t have to equal sexuality at all.
In our culture, unfortunately, we often tie a woman’s beauty with her sexuality.  But it’s so much more!
Let’s not limit Millennial’s expression of their beauty.  Rather, let’s help them see appreciate the difference between sexuality and beauty.

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