Heard the news?  There’s a new site called Body Redefined, started by Utah-based twins, Lexie and Lindsey Kite.  Oooooh.  This site is essentially a watchdog against all the beauty propaganda spewed by the beauty and healthcare industry that makes us all feel bad about ourselves.  Oh, and they made some billboards too that capture their views.

WTF.  I mean I’m glad they are trying to help young girls feel better about themselves, but this is nothing new!  Dove’s been doing this for years now with its Campaign for Real Beauty, and the press LOVES to publish articles about how fucked up we are about beauty and how the beauty industry is the devil.

I also think we should love our bodies and support one another.  I also believe there’s no ONE way of being beautiful and that our looks shouldn’t be our only, or even primary, source of self-esteem.

But I am sick of so many vilifying the DESIRE to beautify.  Let’s definitely celebrate all types and looks but also embrace the fun, self-care and confidence we garner from beautifying ourselves too! At least come up with a new argument!

Enough already.

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