As an advertising strategist, I’m always reminded of how marketing savvy and cynical of advertising Gen Y’ers are.  I’m sure you can imagine how difficult that can make my job!
So I was shocked at how gullible some young people are when it comes to schlocky beauty claims and promises.  I’m not talking about buying some harmless and inexpensive hope in a bottle.  Young people are putting their bodies at major risk!
I just read 2 articles, one being about a woman dying from shoddy butt enhancing surgery performed in a New Jersey airport hotel (“Woman Dies From Buttocks Enhancement”) and the other about women in Singapore falling ill after eating cookies that claim to enhance breasts (“In Pursuit of Beauty”).  And I know there are more stories like these out there.
How could you be that naive?  It’s tragic.
So are Gen Yers BS-ing us when they say they don’t buy in to marketing or is the pursuit of beauty so important that they forget their savviness?  Or are these horrible cases just outliers?
Boy, I certainly hope it’s the latter.

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