For the launch of his cosmetics line, fashion designer Tom Ford‘s mug is present along side super model Lara Stone’s in his print ads.  He explains that his reason for joining Stone in the ad is not vanity.  He realized that not enough people know who he is and so he wanted to put a face to his brand.

This is a brilliant move on Ford’s part.  Not only is he publicizing his own image, but he’s tapping into a fundamental principle of luxury brand advertising.  Most of us realize that mass products come from some from big, faceless manufacturer.  And we’re ok with that.  But when it comes to shelling out big bucks for luxury goods, we care not just about the craftsmanship and materials of the goods we’re buying, but we also want to know the item’s provenance and that there’s a degree of humanity behind it — that is, the craftsman/woman who actually create the piece.  We want to know the story of the product’s origin and creation process, and we want to understand the vision of the originator of the product and brand.

What Ford is doing by putting his face out there in his ads is adding depth, story and humanity to his brand.

Smart move Tom.

Oh, yeah, the 70’s inspired line is pretty cool too!

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