There’s something special about Thursday nights in NYC during the summer.  If you were outside like I was last night (walking home from the office) you would have seen all the couples strolling to their various date destinations — restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs and the like.  It struck me how great it is to see men and women all dressed up for a night together.  With three kids and a full-time job I tend to be more of an observer of this behavior than a participant.  I’m sure many of these couples were still in their honeymoon phase — getting to know each other, trying to impress their date, or trying to look great when meeting their date’s friends for the first time.  But I’m sure many of these couples were also “long-timers,” that is they’ve been together for a while and there was no need to “impress” anymore.  And, yet, they still chose to go the extra mile to look fantastic.  What’s truly beautiful isn’t just that their hair, make-up and outfits looked amazing but that they chose to put effort into how they looked for each other. It was actually inspiring.  In a small way this effort symbolizes all the other things we do as couples to keep our love fun, fresh and thriving.  Looking beautiful for each other is a beautiful thing.
Now its my turn to go that extra mile.  Good thing I just got a new haircut 🙂

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