Like most people, I both crave and curse the scary moments in life.  You know those times: when we are traveling to a foreign country, public speaking, meeting new, and potentially, intimidating people.

This past week, I lived through all the above. I traveled to Tel Aviv where I had a wonderful experience presenting in front of big audiences, meeting new clients and colleagues, and visiting family and friends.  Prior to this week of travel, I experienced the usual highs and lows of my pre-travel preparation.  Just as I eagerly organize my social schedule, I wake up at night in a panic about whether the people I’m going to be presenting to will think what I’m saying is a crock of shit.  And just as I gleefully peruse the glorious pictures of the boutique hotels I’ll be staying at, I stress out over the fact that I still have no idea exactly how I’m going to get from one place to another once I’ve arrived in the foreign country that I’m visiting.

But over the past few months, something has clicked.  But I’m nothing special.  This shift happens with most of us, and even at earlier ages than my own.  But it’s still a beautiful moment and it’s worthy of being celebrated.  This is the moment when our courageous side is stronger than our fearful one.  We never let go of our fears and we shouldn’t!  A bit of anxiety is good.  It keeps us on our toes. But when we know that 9 times out of 10 we will succeed — that we will figure it out no matter what — our lives change.  Big time.

Let me be clear, this new-found courage doesn’t rid us of the need to prepare like hell for everything.  I still practiced my presentation multiple times in front of the mirror, tried to get enough sleep, and spent hours getting myself dolled up (yes, hair and make-up matter to all of us no matter what country we’re from :)).  In fact, I was lucky enough to get Israeli YouTube Beauty Vlogger, Ashley Waxman Bakshi, to do my make-up for an hour and a half! (I’m a TOTAL fan now) Undoubtedly, all this prep amped up my courage.

And I’m not saying everyday things don’t scare the shit out of me — even simple stuff like decorating my apartment.  And this realization doesn’t comes easily.  Time after time, we all read the self-help books or hear our friends trying to encourage us to ignore the nasty voices in our heads making us feel like we can’t succeed.  And for some reason, those helpful words don’t seem to penetrate.  We can’t seem to let go of years of worrying that we aren’t “good enough.”

So how did the shift happen for me?  After the combination of time, (I’m kinda old now :)); strong support from others (P.S. don’t stay with anyone who doesn’t encourage you and your ambitions); and the belief that I am an expert in my own right; took hold.  We can ALL get to this point.  We can all obtain the beautiful knowledge that we CAN and WILL rock it, whatever IT is.

And if I can say this, ANY of us can.


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