We’re not the only ones fascinated by beauty.  It seems that scientists love it too!  Here are some more new beauty facts:
1. According to the University of British Columbia, we pay closer attention to people we find attractive “Do You Pay More Attention to Beautiful People?
2. Wanna appear younger?  Stand next to older people!  Psychologists in Germany asked research subjects to estimate middle-aged people’s ages after looking at images of even older people.  Then they reversed the study and asked another group to do the same thing only after seeing images of younger people.  When the pics of the middle aged folks were positioned next to the pics of older people, the subjects guessed them as younger.  But with the second test, the same middle aged people were seen as older than they actually were (“Want to Look Instantly Younger?Check Out This Trick”).
3. Beautiful men are more likely to have higher IQs than the average guy (“Beautiful men, women are more likely to be smarter with high IQs, too: study“).   According to the London School of Economics, attractive men have IQs that are 13.6 points above average while beautiful women are 11.4 points higher than average. (I have to question this standard of intelligence, though.  Isn’t it common knowledge now that high IQ isn’t the only measure of smarts? Hmmmmm)
4. According to research commissioned by UK drugstore chain, Superdrug, 6 out of 10 women wouldn’t consider going to work without make-up and 1/3 of women were convinced their romantic partners would not have been attracted to them had they not been wearing make-up when they met (“My make-up’s a must!”, Mail Online).  Ouch!
5. 29% of women around the world would buy fewer groceries or cheaper groceries to have another facial injectable treatment according a Harris Interactive study commissioned by Merz Aesthetics.  And 32% would be willing to forgo a vacation, and 39% would give up new clothes, shoes or accessories.  Wow!

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