For centuries haute couture has sought inspiration from street fashion.  In American Beauty Lois Banner writes of the flair that 19th century single female factory workers displayed in their outfits.  This fashion sense and creativity wasn’t lost on the elite designers.  We this inversion continues even today.

But an inversion of fashion inspiration of a whole other type has hit the scene.  Adults are inspired by kids’ vogue.  The New York Daily News reported that Silly Bandz, those inane rubbery bracelets in different shapes and colors (of which my kids own dozens) are now being worn by single, New York City women (No Kidding: Grown-ups using rubber Silly Bandz to flirt in bars and clubs).  Huh?

It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds actually.  Ladies are using them as flirting devices (no kidding: grown-ups using rubber Silly Bandz to flirt in bars and clubs).  At a bar or restaurant, a Silly Bandz wearing gal will present a band to a man she finds attractive.  In this era of cyber flirting, I actually think it’s kinda cool that we still recognize the value of the tangible/material display of affection, rubbery or not.

I also think it’s cool that women are doing the hunting and not just vice versa.

While I’m no longer in a position to need to pick up guys anymore, I could actually imagine wearing them and having a little fun with them if I had to . . .

Watch out kids, Mommy may be raiding your collection soon!

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