Our skin isn’t just a canvass on which we reflect our beauty (or lack there of some days).  It’s an organ.

No duh, right?

Well we SO forget that.

The implication here is that we must treat it with respect, take care of its health and be its friend.  How many times do we criticize it, scrub at it, pick at it, and slather crap all over it forgetting that, like our kidneys, our bladder or our heart, we have to be careful with it?

Moreover, just as our organs respond negatively to stress and emotional battering, so does our skin.  Amy Weshsler, part dermatologist, part psychiatrist knows all about this. She gets that when we are hurting inside, our organs, and in this case, our skin, hurts too.  As a result we look better or worse depending on our emotional health.  A few years back she wrote a book all about this phenomenon and how to be your most beautiful through cultivating emotional health, The Mind-Beauty Connection.

What’s even more interesting?  According to a W magazine report, Wechsler is now collaborating with…Chanel!  Hmmmm.  I wonder what this will mean but I’m excited to find out!

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