Pubic hairs.

The phrase never fails to make people cringe.  But you can’t avoid the topic now that it’s nearing bikini season.  Everywhere I look there’s some story about bikini waxing, lasering (ouch!) and even bikini dying.  Yes, you can have a blue or pink bush if the desire strikes.  Check out  More magazine did a little story about the founder of the brand, Nancy Jarecki.  She came up with the idea of hair dye for “down there” when she was visiting a salon in Italy and the colorists were giving clients little bags of extra color to match their heads with the hair “down there.”

Despite the “come and go” fads in bikini waxing (remember “Vajazzling“?), one trend seems to be sticking: the Brazilian. In case you’re not familiar with it, a Brazilian wax leaves you totally bald.

Based on a mini-focus group of friends, the Brazilian doesn’t seem to be waning.  “If you’re going to do, do it all,” they tell me.  Plus guys love it (sooooo they tell me).

But taking a step back, I have to ask myself “is going bald sending the right message — to others and to ourselves?” After all, a hairless vagina looks prepubescent.  Given how increasingly powerful women are becoming, e.g., more of us in the workplace, more graduating college and graduate schools, etc., doesn’t it seem crazy that we’re grooming ourselves to appear like little girls?  Plus, there’s a reason our bodies evolved to grow pubic hair.  It protects us from bacteria and irritation.

So what’s the powerful draw of the Brazilian anyway?  Are we subconsciously seeking to temper our increasing influence in culture, i.e, trying to even out the score with guys by essentially saying, “Don’t worry, we may be powerful in the boardroom but coy and innocent in the bedroom?”

Is there something here?  Or is it no biggie, a logical extension of shaving our legs or armpits?

Anyone want to venture an explanation?

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