People often ask why we started this blog.  The first reason: I have learned quite a bit about beauty in our culture from all my client work over the years.  Another reason: I find it a very interesting, and personally relevant topic.  Finally, it’s a subject that gets a ton a play, i.e., it’s a topic that always seems to generate conversation — every day.

Case in point?  I subscribe to beauty alerts from Google.  Every day I get story after story about the topic.  And that’s just articles with key word “beauty” in the title!  I realized that not only would I have continual fodder for this blog, but that other people seem to care –I mean REALLY care — about beauty.  We can argue the pros and cons of this high level of interest, which we have done a lot in this blog over the years.  But the reality is we do care — a lot.

And what I’m about to show you all is a great example of this.  The other day I came across this story about a Romanian photographer, Mihaela Noroc, who travels the world taking stunning pictures of young women.  The effort is called Atlas of Beauty.  At first blush this seems pretty banal, especially in our selfie-dominant culture .  How many more pictures of people can we look at?  The answer?  A lot!

This story has made the rounds.  People are fascinated by these images.  And I can understand why.  Not only are the subjects well photographed, but it is clear that each woman is unique.  Her background, coloring, facial structure and wardrobe are reflective of her native country. So each picture is a window into another world. But even more fascinating is how beautiful each one of these women are.  No question, beauty comes in all so many forms.

But still, why should we care SO much?  Our desire to appreciate beauty is innate.  We are hardwired to be attracted to it. Many argue we’ve evolved to be attracted to beautiful faces as they are a sign of health, and the owners of the faces, therefore, are worthy of reproducing with.  But I think it goes deeper than that.  I think our appreciation is born from a need to ground us.  So many of us are in our heads for good and bad reasons.  We are either spiritual, intellectual or just plain worried all the time.  We need to remember we are physical beings and tied to the earth. By witnessing beauty in others, we are reminded of this.  We need to reconnect with our bodies and the physical world around us more.  The more we connect to physical selves, the more whole we will feel.  I encourage you all to spend time appreciating these photos.  They are worth it.

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