I always love when New Year’s comes around and we get the big reveal of all the new beauty resolutions that we MUST pay attention to.  They are sure to be different and dramatic, right?

Ha ha.  I’m not trying to discount these “resolutions” but let’s face it (no pun intended :)) they are really the same year after year, decade after decade, and just pure common sense.

Some examples: don’t go to bed with your day’s worth of make-up and grime still on your face, moisturize, wear sunscreen, invest in skin care over cosmetics, etc.

Are we that forgetful that we need to hear this again and again?  Sure, there maybe a news flash from time to time, but they are the basic to-do’s that even our gorgeous grandma’s knew.

I think we like to believe that there’s some magic bullet that will change everything for us.  And I’m just as much a sucker for it.

But we need to think of our beauty as we think about diets.  There’s no such thing as a silver bullet.  Instead we need to commit to a lifestyle change, like my giving up dairy (most of the time).  The flash in the pan techniques, products and treatments are alluring but they are a complement at best or a temporary fix at worst.

My advice for the new year (which I’m mostly stealing from years of discussions with dermatologists)?

1. MOISTurize (I purposefully highlighted MOIST — your skin should look dewy)

2. Wear sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen

3. Use Retin A (another reason for #2 — this sensitizes your skin to the sun)

4. Sleep

5. Drink lots of water (a little slice of lemon helps give it some zing)

6. Eat and drink your veggies

7. Shape and clean up your eyebrows often (especially important for hairy ladies like me)

8. Clean your skin before you exercise and go to sleep


10. Be happy, smile and compliment others’ on their beauty —  it always works!




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