My View from St Julien Hotel, Boulder CO

I’m in the throes of a fascinating research study about visual storytelling in the digital space.  I don’t want to give too much away yet but I can tell you that picture-taking, editing and sharing is so core to how we engage with the digital space.  In fact, I’ve been told many times to cut down on all the words I use on Beautyskew and bring in more photos.  Why?  Because pics — especially photos — convey so much more than mere words:  they invite the viewer into the actual emotions, specific time and place, and the weather etc. experienced that the moment the camera was clicked.  They tell a story and invite the viewer to read deeper and deeper into the experience.

Since I went to Boulder, Co for the first time last week, I thought I would capture the beauty of the experience via the beauty of pics.  I took these pics via my handy camera-phone so forgive me if I didn’t totally capture the essence of the area.  Enjoy!

Downtown Boulder
Ceiling from Hotel Boulderado

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