My colleague, Nathalie, and I spent two days hobnobbing with luxury marketers at a conference called Luxury Interactive.  As you can probably tell from the name of the event, the conference focused on how the luxury industry can take full advantage of the digital space.  Nathalie is a real cool cat.  She’s French but has lived and worked in NYC for years.  Because she and I are working to grow our luxury, beauty and fashion practice,  we were asked to give a presentation on the first day of the conference.  Our spiel, in a nutshell, was to convince our luxury friends to elevate the importance of their digital efforts.

My favorite part of our little talk was when we advised our audience to bring the dream to life across all touch points, e.g., in-store, online, via an email. Huh?  You’re probably scratching your head right now.  What I mean is that the true beauty of luxury is that it allows us to express our dreams and aspirations.  For example, I may dream of being a French aristocrat and get a taste of that dream every time I spritz Chanel #5 on my wrists.  Or I may dream of being a true gourmand and buy a Viking outdoor grill.  There’s no question that real luxury goods and services can command a high price because of scarcity, heritage, craftsmanship, and creativity.  But a lot of the value comes from something you can’t dissect into parts and labor.  All of the various components speak not just to our creature comforts or even just our sense of the aesthetic but to our deepest desires and dreams. 
Being reminded that we can dream and aspire to a better future (materially and otherwise), is and vital to our sanity and happiness.  That’s certainly worth tons.  That’s the real beauty of luxury.

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