Yes, you can be more attractive the older you get! I’m not trying to be PC here, and I’m not referring to inner beauty, i.e., wisdom, perspective, and mellowness, that comes with the maturing process (though I do believe that’s beautiful too!).  No, I’m literally saying: the older you are, the more beautiful you get.
Let me explain.  I was preparing for a meeting with some female executives and as it often happens, the conversation turned to beauty.  A very attractive woman in her 50’s whom I had just met an hour earlier was celebrating the fact that her boyfriend is farsighted — a typical bi-product of his age.  The result?  He can’t see the scars or blemishes (plastic surgery related or otherwise) on her body when they’re in bed and naked!
Now I haven’t found any scholarly reports on the positive effect of farsightedness on perceptions of beauty but the idea seems to make sense to me.  Good thing my husband is 9 years older than me!
Now what happens if you’re dating a younger man?  Ah, that’s where mood lighting comes in.

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