We get up, get ready for work, endure the work/errands commute, put in our many hours a day at the job — whether at home or in the office, race home, and tend to the kids, the home, you name it.  We go to bed and start the whole thing over. Day after day.  Even if we love our lives, they can feel mundane a best or even arduous.

Yet, life gives us a special treat.  This treat elevates us from the everyday and shows us time after time, day after day, the awe and magic in our lives.  This treat is beauty.  And it comes in all shapes and forms.  It often doesn’t cost A THING!  This beauty inspires, comforts, and bonds us with others.

Today, my son and I shared an awe-inspiring moment when we came across a story by the BBC called “Beauty Beyond — Winning Astronomy Photography.”  Holy Moly.  The piece shares some amazing pictures of astronomical wonders.   They take your breath away.  I’ve included some below.

After seeing such beauty — even from my relatively small computer screen — I can’t help but look up into the sky and see our world differently.  Not only do these sights remind us that there is a whole big universe out there (which is quite humbling) but they show us how very beautiful and awe inspiring the world around us is.

Of course it’s not hard to grumble about or day-to-day lives — they can sometimes suck or feel like they are full of drudgery.  But take a second to pause and look up, or better yet, take a look at these magnificent pics, and I guarantee you, you feel like you are part of a special, unique, amazing world.




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