Pablo Picasso

“I believe (this) also reflects the mission of all artists to demonstrate to their audience how to look actively, not passively.”  I am quoting from a post by Allison Peller called “Love of Beauty and the Birth of the Artist.”  In her piece, Peller explains that despite countless different interpretations of, and philosophies regarding beauty, there’s little out there about the artists’ feelings for their role.  Sure, every art work is accompanied by the artist’s thinking or inspiration at the moment of creation, but not so much about the artist’s overall mission.

Peller explains that artists have an excessive love for beauty that cannot be contained.  They MUST express themselves.  But more interestingly, they have a purpose to help us SEE.  (The rest of the piece launches into Christian theology which isn’t my “domain,” so I’ve chosen  to ignore that.)

Given I see my role as an “inspirer” to my internal and external audiences, I too try to help people see — see their world differently, see how human beings find meaning in products and brands, and ultimately, see the possibilities of what they can do with all this new insight.  While  I don’t call myself an artist by any stretch of the imagination, its cool that I can connect with them on some level.

In the end, this is the beauty of beauty.  It inspires us to see differently and hopefully strive for better.


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