Last week The New York Times published an article (Frenchwomen’s Secrets to Aging) revealing how and why French women seem to age so well compared to us Americans.   The article cited many of the same themes I’ve brought up in a number of my posts: confidence, self-care, effortlessness, etc.  What is really interesting to me, though, isn’t so much the content of the piece but the actual publication of the story and the subsequent reactions to it (Readers’ Comments).
True, the article was published in the Style section of the paper but the fact that it was published at all shows me that one of the most reputable news sources in the world recognizes the importance of beauty.  And this is proved by the almost 300 responses to the article by the well-read, highly-educated sort that reads the Times.   In other words, people REALLY care about looking great, no matter their age or intellectual capabilities.  Of course the latest economic and political news reports should take precedence over a list of beauty secrets,  but it’s great that the Times realizes that people’s concern for beauty isn’t just fun but truly serious stuff.

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