Weekend Observations: A Beauty Comes out at TED

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I know, I know, I’ve been REALLY delinquent.  No posts for 2 weeks.
But I have a good excuse.
Last weekend I was with my whole family in Boston, MA celebrating both a holiday and Bar Mitzvah.  And then I had to fly overnight to Whistler, BC for a fun-filled week of TED talks, TED Ads Worth Spreading activities, networking and, oh yeah, lots of partying 🙂
While the TED talks were inspiring and the networking was pretty fruitful, I think last year was better (maybe a bit jaded?). Nevertheless, I’m happy I went. Between watching Edward Snowden and then the Deputy Dir of the NSA on video conference, and then seeing the likes of Sting and other leaders in their fields, I got my fill of interesting stories.
One of the most powerful talks was that of an absolutely gorgeous model, Geena Rocero.
As soon as Geena stepped on stage, we all loved her.   She wore a form-fitting dress and sky-high heels that made her tower over the MC.  Geena was poised and exuded warmth, despite her awesome, larger-than-life beauty.
None of us had any idea what her story was going to be.  But soon enough she launches into her history as a BOY in the Philipines.  We were blown away.  She talked about her transformation, and how fortunate she was to be embraced by her family and the industry.  But she also recognized that so many aren’t so lucky.  Either they live their lives full of depression or eventually end them all together.
Another reason her talk was so powerful is that she defied the stereotype of models. First, she was born a man. Second, while many would assume she would be aloof given her status as a super model, she came across deeply human. Finally, Geena challenged the stereotype of beauties being brainless.  She was probably the best speaker in the house, and certainly one of the most inspiring.  She doesn’t just pose for a living but actively works to uplift other transgender folks.
I can’t do justice to her presentation, so I highly recco you taking a look at her talk as soon as it’s uploaded.
Until then, you all can admire her awesome outfit!

More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

A lot of hoopla about, well, beauty pageants these past few weeks.  Take a look and see why:

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More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

May have been Chi-town this week, but that didn’t stop us from finding this great reading…

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  • Beauty products just for men?  Hmmm…is this a marketing ploy or is there something to it?


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Pic of the Week: The Beauty of Democracy

Jenna Talackova

In case you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks, there has been a ton of hoopla around Jenna Talackova’s rejection and the acceptance into the Miss Universe Canada pageant.  What happened?  Well, Jenna was initially kicked out of the pageant because she wasn’t born a woman.  She’s transgender and a pretty good-looking one at that!  The reason for the reversal had nothing to do with the good graces of the pageant officials, but rather the pressure from open-minded, accepting people around the world.  Perhaps this one beauty pageant will set the stage for greater acceptance in every sphere of life for anyone who chooses to live life in his/her own special way.  Way to go Jenna!