Week in Review: 5/13-5/19

Our week was filled with much discussion:

I finally put my thoughts down on what I think is beautiful Weekend Observations: How Do I Define Beauty

Why Cate Blanchett inspires me Pic of the Week: Birthday Inspiration

There are all sorts of ways to look good — follow some of these and you’ll end up benefiting in the boardroom Stop the Kvetching, Everyone Can Benefit From Looking Good In The Office

More juicy reading we couldn’t put down More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Can you taste the summer yet?  I think I can!  Enjoy another weekend in May and start wearing those summer dresses/suits!

More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Torika Watters: Disqualified Fiji Beauty Contestant


  • Weird but fascinating, the beauty of NON-objects


  • When William Buffett starts investing in the beauty industry, people start taking it seriously


  • Artist Geoffrey Hendricks dishes it out to NY Times magazine about being an artist in the 70’s


  • An example of how beauty pageants provide a window into the good, the bad, and the ugly of culture


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