Can I Really Look Hot in Pictures?

“Can the unphotogenic learn to love themselves?”  That’s the sub-head of a great article written by Candice Rainey in the June issue of Elle Magazine.  While she loves to pore over photos of others — from fashion to street ones, she hates posing for her own.

I can relate. I’ve always said I’m much better looking in person than in pics.  That’s why I went all-out to do a semi-professional photo shoot.  If this digital age requires us to be on display 24/7, I might as well minimize the risk of ANOTHER bad mug shot hanging out there in cyberspace.

But perhaps we shouldn’t blame the lens for the bad shots.  After all, cameras just shoot what they see.  Sure, lighting and angles matter.  But in the end we should blame ourselves.


Rainey points out all the things (conscious or unconscious) we do when we know a camera is focused on us.  We get so uptight.  We’re trying so hard to control the picture so that will be perfect when in fact that control makes us seem contrived and stilted.

Perhaps this explains why it took 1000 shots at my photo shoot to come up with a few I can live with.  And it also explains why the shoot was SO exhausting.  I had to perform. I was so concerned with looking right. As you can imagine, the first shots taken, when my need to control the pics was at its worst, are downright horrible.

But as I warmed up and began to relinquish control to my photographer, the pics became much better (of course a few sips of white wine helped too!).  And I had more fun too.

I’m still fiddling with the pics (I can’t TOTALLY relinquish control, of course), but I’m narrowing them down.  As soon as they are ready, I will post and seek out your opinions.  Can’t wait!