Week in Review: 7/22-7/27

Lots of fun discussions this week…take a look:

Is a woman’s height now a success factor in the boardroom? Weekend Observations: Women, Height & Power

Microsoft celebrates the beauty of and the beauty that’s inspired by the digital space Pic of the Week: This Data-Fueled Space is Filled with and Inspires Beauty

Now that natural hair is “in” what will happen to all the wonderful community building that used to take place during the day-long hair appointments at beauty shops? What Happens to Sisterhood When the Beauty Shops Are No Longer Necessary?

More beauty-in-culture reading to enjoy! More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Have a wonderful last week in July!

Pic of the Week: This Data Fueled Space is Filled With & Inspires Beauty

For a while now I have been purporting how the digital space has made us more aesthetically inclined.  Either because of the tools it offers or the access to amazing imagery, the digital space has helped us become more appreciative of beauty.  Microsoft has picked up on this in their new campaign: “Welcome to a More Beautiful Web.”  What do you think?